Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our Website. We are glad you are interested in learning more about our Ministry. We believe that the Holy Bible is God’s inspired, infallible and inerrant Word, and the absolute Truth by which we are called to live. We are thankful to bear the banner of our rich spiritual heritage in adhering to the Westminster Confession of Faith. This Confession in no way usurps the preeminence of the Bible, but provides a correct understanding of the Doctrines presented therein. If you are unfamiliar with this Document we encourage you to read it for yourself: Westminster Confession of Faith.  We are also part of the  Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

We believe that our Nation is experiencing a moral collapse that is wreaking havoc throughout our Culture. The tragic stories of depression, violent crime, broken families, and aimless Lives along with the rejection of Truth, Honor and Love for God and Neighbor, all stem from America’s departure from the Word of God as our foundational guiding light and final authority. Our Country is desperate for answers but blinded and deafened by sin. The only answer is true heaven sent REVIVAL! 

While revival cannot be manufactured, it might be found through humility, prayer and repentance (2Chronicles 7:14). We are called to be a Salt and Light witness through the uncompromised preaching and teaching of the Word of the Living God, calling People to repentance, humility, holiness, and a life directed by the Holy Spirit of God (2Tim. 3:16-17). We believe in the power of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit alone to change hearts and We reject the notion that we must conform to the World in order to win the World. On the contrary, the Lord has called us to be transformed by Christ! (Rom. 12:1-2). Further, we believe the Lord is calling the American Church to come out from among them and be separate (2Cor. 6:17), not going after what is novel and new but rather returning to the Old Paths as found in Jeremiah 6:16. We believe the most loving thing we can do for those who reject God’s Word is to remain steadfast in proclaiming the Truth without compromise and pray that one day, they too might join us in experiencing the peace that passes all understanding, guarding our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:6-7).