The Bible in 31 Days

We hope you were able to join us every night in October 2022 at 7pm for a unique opportunity to understand the message of the Bible in a Month. Every night  from 7-8pm we presented a new message starting in the beginning, Genesis on October in 1st, and ending in Revelation on October 31st. There are 66 books in the Bible and only 31 days to meet. So we traced the Redemptive History of Scripture and the unifying theme of the entire Bible by looking at key passages connecting the whole together. Our hope is that all who attended came away with a fresh appreciation of the unity of the Bible and the power of its Message so needed in our generation. Our prayer is that this ministry will lead to revival in individual hearts and in our Churches, for the salvation of the lost, the recovering of our Nation, and the glory of our Triune God.

Now You have the opportunity to experience the entire Series at your own pace:
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  The Bible in 31 Days Schedule, October 2022:
1st    Creation and the Flood 
2nd   Noah and the Flood 
3rd    Abraham & Tower of Babel 
4th    Issac, Jacob, Joseph…Israel 
5th    Moses, Joshua the Exodus 
6th    The Penteteuch
7th    Judges and Ruth 
8th    Samuel, Saul and Jonathan 
9th    King David & the Psalms 
10th    Solomon & Divided Kingdom 
11th  Ellijah/Ellisha 
12th  The Prophecy of Isaiah 
13th  Jeremiah and Ezekiel 
14th  Daniel and Esther 
15th  Ezra and Nehemiah 
16th  The Minor Prophets 
17th  Birth Narratives 
18th  John the Baptist 
19th  Presenting the Kingdom 
20th  Ministry of Jesus 
21st  Triumphal Entry 
22nd Death Burial & Resurrection 
23rd  Pentecost & Book of Acts 
24th  Book of Romans 
25th  1 & 2 Corinthians 
26th  Ephesians - Colossians 
27th  Pastoral Epistles 
28th  Book of Hebrews 
29th  James, 1 & 2 Peter 
30th  1,2,3 John and Jude 
31st  Revelation